About Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal

Len Ramirez has been safely and humanely removing rattlesnakes from homes, businesses, and public community areas for over 23 years. He relocates the snakes to remote areas of Northern California, preserving the value that rattlesnakes bring to the ecosystem.

Throughout his career, Len has worked with all types of media and has helped educate the public on rattlesnake safety. He participated in two National Geographic Explorer wildlife programs: United Snakes of America in 2000, and Animal Extractors in 2006.

Len consults with many county and state departments, universities, emergency services and other professionals on how rattlesnakes and humans can co-exist.

Len Ramirez has been removing rattlesnakes professionally since 1985.
Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal is the only licensed,
bonded and insured rattlesnake removal corporation in California.

We remove over 1,500 snakes each year.

Len Ramirez holding a very  large rattlesnake