Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal

Len Ramirez, Owner

Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal is committed to the rescue and release of rattlesnakes.

We educate our clients on how to reduce the possibilities of snake encounters. We also provide education on how to reduce threatening incidents.

The majority of services we provide are
emergency-response related. We serve many counties throughout Northern California.

Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal will come to your home or business and conduct a site evaluation. We will remove snakes that could threaten people or pets.

We hope you enjoy our web site. Please feel free to contact us for further questions or to schedule a snake removal inspection.

Len Ramirez, Owner of Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal

Fast, Safe, Humane Rattlesnake Removal
In order to insure the rattlesnakes’ continued existence
for the valuable role they play in our ecosystem, all snakes removed are relocated to a remote and undisturbed environment.

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